Threading is a delicate procedure perfect for even the most sensitive skin. Threading may be seen as the gentle and precise twisting of cotton thread which is twisted along the hairs being removed. It is more effective and less painful than tweezing, and the top layers of skin are unaffected therefore making it a suitable choice for delicate skin.
We can remove stubborn whiskers and those stiff dark hirsutism hairs right off your chin.
Sideburns can get in the way of your flawless makeup application. We can shape, and remove those sideburn hairs which will allow you to feel more confident and complete.
Unwanted hair on your forehead can be a concern as it takes away from those perfect picture moments. We can remove those fuzz or stray hairs, leaving you with a smooth facial canvas.
We are threading everything on your face to include: Forehead, eyebrows, upper/lower lips, and sideburns. Note: This service excludes the neck
Untamed eyebrows are something that people will remember about you, it is your first impression! Threading will allow for more precise control in shaping your eyebrows.
Is hirsutism or Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia getting the best of you? We can remove those stubborn hairs without the worry of having sensitive skin.
We can remove those downy fuzz to coarse hairs right off your upper lip.
Hair threading for this area of your body is the perfect alternative to topical creams and pills. You will have immediate results without the worry of having sensitive skin.